Anonymous is the group which has been accused of and called many things in relation to computer infiltration, hacking and  hacktivism. This collective of international hackers is much more than a group it is a way of life. Anonymous has taken hacking into the form of social activism. Their trademark Guy Fawkes mask were a fixture with the Occupy  protesters around the globe. Anonymous claimed responsibility for a number of nefarious hacks, like the one that took down Sony‘s PlayStation Network this year. Vigilante justice is their main purpose taking down sites they deem to be spurious these sites have included a massive child-pornography ring.

The reason they have been so successful stems from the fact that they have no central leadership thus making it hard for authorities to shut them down. Many think of them as an internet Robin Hood character, they police the people who police the net. The need for them is definite with the introduction of such acts as SOPA we need someone to give the users of the internet a “voice.”

This has been recognized by the main stream media, Time magazine have featured them in the most influential people of 2012. Hats off to Time magazine and hats off to anonymous long may they fight the good fight.

Anonymous – The Real World On Terror «Operation Uzbekistan»

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