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Two Philosophies On Display At The Supreme Court

In our political system there is a fundamental divide between the two political philosophies.  Liberalism versus conservatism has long been a battle of ideas and has ebbed and flowed in various forms throughout our nation’s history.  Liberals advocate for Big Government whereas conservatives call on government to get out of their lives.  Last week, President Obama said that government “made this country great.”  I beg to differ, Mr. President.  America was made great because of her citizens – not because of her government.


Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle (click to view more cartoons by McKee)


Government overstepping its boundaries was on full display last week at the United States Supreme Court where Obamacare was argued.  By most accounts, President Obama’s Solicitor General, Donald Verrilli Jr., did a terrible job arguing the government’s case defending Obamacare, particularly the individual…

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