S”cool” today.

Today’s ever changing face of education. We all hear people say it “never in my day” and it is usually used when referring to today’s education systems.

Teachers warn of online threats from pupils.

The world in which we live today is hugely different to the world in which we were raised but I would still like to think that common and core values of education should still be at the forefront of any education system.

I remember the three R’s being the foundation on which all learning was based, these days those R’S stand for something different.

RiterLyn   Revenue   Review-boards.

There are so many new topics being introduced and some of very dubious title “cyber wellness, drug education, etiquette!” should children need to learn this things at school what education is being given by parents .It seems Parents are handing their children to the state and not imparting any of their experience or knowledge.

The question we have to ask is will these new ideas work or are they just trendy PR at the expense of the children and enabling schools to have greater access to more funding?

These are some of the ideas and changes from around the world see what you think:

Education                                                Reproduction

education?                                              Explanation?

EDUCATION!!!!                                     mutilation

Retardation                                            popularization!!


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