Greece: Cradle of Civilization No More

Greece Spain the European decline continues.

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Update, 4/06/2012: Angry Greeks is back on the streets…

For several months, Greece had been on the frontpage not for her beauty but for her worsening economic condition. But nothing could be worse than her people entertaining death as a possible way out. Or, is it an act of protest?

If so, will this be the spark for an all-out mobilization of People Power in the hallowed land of Socrates?

To have a quick idea of what was Greece during the last 100 years, just click on the image below…

For those who have been on this site for quite some time understands that suicide is not the answer. Definitely, that pensioner had never been to this site or anything similar to this one and wasn’t aware of the global concerted effort to correct the current situation. How could he reach for the Net, when he couldn’t even afford the…

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7 thoughts on “Greece: Cradle of Civilization No More

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  2. Athens Stock Exchange opened on Monday morning into free fall as voters “punished” the pro-austerity parties and results end in political uncertainty and big difficulties to form a sustainable government with clear economic stance towards Greece’s lenders. As of 12:05 pm, the General Index is at 644 units and a drop of -6.63 percent. An hour earlier the General Index recorded a plunge of even -8%.

    Investors sell off bank shares (from -15% to -20%), while double-digit losses are recorded also for FTSE20, PPC, OTE, OPAP, Hellenic Petroleum, pushing the General Index to year’s new “low flights”.

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