The man in the mirror.

Another successful face transplant has been carried out in the U.S .

Mr. Dallas Weins became the first recipient of this procedure in the U.S and is doing well. A year on he has more feeling and use of the face than doctors had expected and was able to feel his daughters kiss.

The latest transplant was carried out in Maryland, Richard Norris a 37 year old had an accident with a fire arm which resulted in him losing his nose lips and the majority of movement in his mouth.

Surgeons carried out the 36 hour procedure and are pleased with the results, 6 days after the operation Mr. Norris was able to move his tongue and open and close his eyes.

Face transplant

These surgeries are truly remarkable but I wonder what it must be to look in the mirror and not recognize the face looking back. I guess one could argue the same for the injuries being so horrific that they do not see themselves when they look in the mirror but one has self-image and how must it feel to see a different face reflecting back?

Like the many movies that have played on this subject it makes you think as to what makes up self. In a society so obsessed with image and the body beautiful are we looking in the wrong place, should we not be celebrating the people of this world that shine with inner beauty?

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