Cameron’s cash.

So yet again another politician caught with hands in the cookie jar. This time British Prime Minister David Cameron has been said to be accepting cash for dinner reservations. It was stated that major contributors to his party were able to buy time with Cameron this would of course give them a chance to discuss relevant matters pertaining to their business dealings.

Why this is such a surprise is anyone guess, it is well known that this is how politics is carried out these days. From the Bushes dealings with the Binladen family to Tony Blairs cash for honours and the many other instances that have appeared in the press. Politicians put business first countries second.

The question is why people still trust these politicians it should raise alarm bells to all. If an elected person is earning more from contributions and business dealings then he or she is from a state salary where does their loyalty lie?

The nature of politics makes for a shady world but the irony of the wests rhetoric of freedom and democracy while slamming corrupt officials of other countries is a joke. If these politicians were not in said nations making shady deals actively corrupting leaders to further their own ends  maybe we would have fewer problems in this world.

The old adage of “absolute power corrupts absolutely “rings true.

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