Solve world hunger.Feed the homeless to the hungry.

Mc donalds

World hunger is a serious issue most people in the west push to the back of their mind it is a huge topic and we will try to do our best to cover some of the main issues in this short blog.

Hunger is a global killer in more than ways than one. Yes people die of starvation and disease but it also causes conflict and war.

In this post we wanted to look at the actual possibility of feeding the world, and what that would  take?

There are 923million undernourished people in the world the chart(right) shows how that populace is divided.

So let’s look at some of the proposed solutions.

*Countering famine by providing food to those who need it in emergencies.

Easily said but  where does the food come from and under what conditions will it be given?

* Alleviating poverty by helping poor people find jobs or train them for money-making ventures;

This sounds great but in a global economic downturn this is what the whole world needs to be concentrating on.

* Information drive to educate people on well-balanced diet;

This statement assumes that the people are actually eating and if that is the case the responsibility to insure they follow a good diet falls upon health officials in the relevant countries.

* Helping make farming more productive to be able to supply enough food the world’s growing population.

This is the most promising but should be implemented and watched closely. We have seen companies take advantage of this situation using GM crops and bonding farmers to a product and a system from which they cannot escape.

Farming, the solution in our eyes brings us to the link between famine and poverty.

If we are to push for the implementation and development of new policies for farming we should also bring in an economic policy review. Often the farmers of poorer nations are used to benefit others and line the pockets of global organizations. You will see companies arriving handing out aid and thus earning themselves a big pat on the back, what you don’t see are these businesses then making profits off of the farmers from both seed sales or manipulation of crop prices.

So if the economic requirements can be satisfied what new practices are there for difficult to farm regions?

 During our research we came across an article published by Popular Science, this article has eight methods of farming that could be used and it makes  a very interesting read.

The answer?

In summary we believe world hunger is something we must all take responsibility for. We must keep pressure on businesses and governments to force a change; we must also develop our understanding of the economics that arise from these situations and help the people help themselves.

Please comment on this post, we love to hear from our readers agree or disagree we enjoy reading your thoughts.

4 thoughts on “Solve world hunger.Feed the homeless to the hungry.

  1. In addition to your summary about solving world hunger, individuals also need to be more charitable and give financially as well if they can remembering the LORD Jesus’ admonition “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” and “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    Have a GREAT everyday

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