Well now we Know why they always shout “order”

The truth. So much funnier than fiction.

Maybe this explains why!!



Kicking Sport

British taxpayers are set to cough up even more in costs for the London Olympic Games this year after organisers announced they felt the need to hire national anthem consultants to ensure they do not embarrass themselves in the same way Kuwait did recently.

A Kazakh shooting medallist was played the mock anthem from the film “Borat” by Sacha Baron Cohen, and London 2012 decided they had to commit to spending money now to avoid a similar slip up.

“No country does ignorance of others better than the British, so we think this investment is fully justified,” confirmed a member of the organising committee.

“We’re concerned that a work experience lad might be in charge of the sound that day, and they could have access to their Spotify playlist, which could prove disastrous.

“We could even have “God Save the Queen” by the Sex Pistols blazing out at some stage.

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