Confusing Korea.

So the Koreans are at it again they are prepping for a new missile test and on the back of this Japan readies their anti-missile defense.

North Korea launched a rocket-mounted satellite some time ago and this pushed the UN to impose sanctions and visits from the IAEA , although Pyongyang would have us believe they invited the visit.


Japanese Defense Minister Naoki Tanaka has said “Japan has ordered missile defense systems to be prepared in response to the planned launch of a North Korean long-range rocket next month”

Reports said the defense systems would be deployed near the island of Okinawa to shoot down the rocket should it threaten Japanese territory.

The likely hood of this happening is slim and this is a nice opportunity for both nations to rattle their sabers. North Koreas new leader Kim Jung-eun has to show his people that he is as much of a strong leader as his father was and this test provides him with that chance. Pyongyang said last week the launch was to mark the 100th birthday of its late Great Leader Kim Il-sung. This as I have stated is plausible.

Paranoia is the norm when it comes to the North Koreans and as a threat they are more a paper tiger. North Korea says the rocket will put a satellite into orbit which is believable, we all know that the nation’s nuclear capabilities are somewhat over stated.

Missile directed at Australia.

But the US and its allies believe the launch is a pretext for a missile test.  A statement that is reeking of “do as I say .not as do” US policy. Nuclear envoys from South Korea and Japan held talks in Seoul to work out how they would respond if the launch were to go ahead. Reported by South Korea’s Yonhap news agency.

A US state department spokesperson said it would be “hard to imagine” giving food aid to North Korea, as previously agreed, if Pyongyang went ahead with the rocket launch.

The specter of aid being used as a weapon raises its head yet again .I understand that a carrot and stick approach has been elected for when it comes to dealing with North Korea. But if there is genuine urge to help “the common people” of North Korea this aid would not be on the table as a chip in the game to get North Korea to play along with the US and UN.

May be a new policy is  needed. Pushing development and modernizing the country could be the way to go we have seen this work before, most recently in Burma.The push for modernization on the back of new technologies in a country using things such as the internet and mobile tech is the way to go. It gives people a voice and a chance to organize themselves into a force for change.

let us all hope that this launch goes off with out a hitch and that a rethink is given to the way in which governments interact with North Korea.

Obama in KOREA.



Political cartoons of the day : 04/02/12.


The absolute failure should show us that rhetoric from the west and others was much exaggerated.

N. Korea Weapons Can Defeat U.S.: General

North Korean missile launchers came from China

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