Posted on 24/03/2012

Confusing Korea.

So the Koreans are at it again they are prepping for a new missile test and on the back of this Japan readies their anti-missile defense. North Korea launched a rocket-mounted satellite some time ago and this pushed the UN to impose sanctions and visits from the IAEA , although Pyongyang would have us believe … Continue reading

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ENDGAME: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

Great Video.Watch and learn the facts. There are real truths behind many conspiracy theories and you don’t need to be wearing a tin foil hat to believe, there is more we need to know watch, learn and wake up.

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Originally posted on GrrrGraphics on WordPress:
Tree-son. Secretary of Defense Panetta recently told Congress he doesn’t need their approval for war. This is, of course, grossly unconstitutional. Indeed, it is blatant treason. Our military shouldn’t be going to war all around the globe for the benefit of the ‘international community.’ In essence, the Obama administration…

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