Global arms sales on the rise.

SO the number of arms and weapons in both private and military hands is on the rise. Weapons sales to military by the largest world’s arms companies are continuing to rise and now have reached a level of $400bn.

Oshkosh a US company has recorded an 87% sales increase. Sales by Vertolety Rossii, a Russian helicopter-maker, raised more than 135% this from the increased sales to the Russian military, and exports to Afghanistan and Iraq.

Lockheed Martin the American company heads the top 100 arms and military service companies; it made an incredible $35.7bn worth of arms sales. The Americans were closely followed by Britain’s BAE Systems with a whopping $32.8bn.

Private guns sales have also gone through the roof, in fact this is especially interesting as this year gun sales are breaking all records.

Most sales are to people who want to buy firearms, ammunition, optics, as well as holsters, knives and other law-enforcement paraphernalia, customers purchase arms to hunt or protect themselves and their property. Sales are booming all over America and customers from other countries are joining the sales frenzy.

FBI statistics say that over 1.5 million background checks on customers looking to purchase firearms were requested by gun dealers this year. That’s a record.

Gun manufacturers have labeled President Barack Obama to be the “best gun salesman of all time.” The FBI recorded a rise of 49 percent in background checks during his election week compared to the same week a year earlier. We will see this figure continuing to grow with this up and coming election, the introduction NDAA (national defense authorization act) and the growing police state could make this a recipe for disaster.

Apocalyptic Hollywood images of running street battles between oppressive government forces and the public could be just around the corner. This could  also be a reflection of the mindset of humanity during these testing times, Joe public concerned about social collapse arming to defend or arming to hunt, all part of the prepping movements philosophy.

Governments fearing public revolt over many unpopular recent happenings, these are interesting days and these figures beg us to ask why.

If there is concern and a feeling we must all arm as individuals and as countries, should we not take a step back and look at the situation .when the first shot is fired it will be too late.


UPDATE: US Army Buys $266 Million In Ammo From ATK, Department Of Homeland Security, Immigration Buy, Too

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