What a load of Kony.

So the Joseph Kony video goes viral and the west has a new bogey man. Now don’t get me wrong this guy is bad, indeed very bad but he is one of many in the region and I think he is being used as the lightening rod to rally peoples support behind a western push into  Africa.

Why? Well because there is a gold rush of sorts going on in Africa, nations are grabbing rare earth. Rare earth you ask? Well rare earths are the minerals that are needed to build todays hi tech products. The west has been too slow on the up take in Africa and they have lost out in this rush, China has on the other hand been very quick to move  and with their policy of non-interference they have been welcomed.

rare earth

China defends curbs on rare earths

Now that they have procured the majority of these resources and the west can see the problems and the cost of buying from China and the control this gives them.

So the west needs a reason to get some troops into this country, claim a stake in areas and secure resources and just as before the UN and U.S have their usual plan for humanitarian aid and the protection of people, this is what is being sold to Joe public.

So as I see it, this is the Middle East all over again. People should look at the situation and see that there is a war happening right now! Countries are grabbing what they can where they can and how they can.

The geopolitical tensions are continuing to rise as borders change and the west expands into new regions, old alliances will be tested and new ones made, it is when the status quo is challenged we enter a time of uncertainty.

On the hype of Kony the US has pushed through new resolutions to make an invasion of Africa possible. If this does happen relations with China will only get worse.It adds another country to list that the west and the east continue to butt heads over.

Please post if you agree or disagree we would love to hear your comments.


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4 thoughts on “What a load of Kony.

  1. I agree, that we should be skeptical of hypes, but skepsis is only the start. In order to form an opinion, you need facts and rational arguing. You don’t have any hard facts, it is still simply speculation. About the Iraq reference: They actively lied about Iraq. There was no evidence suggesting the existence of wmds and they said, there were. In this case, however, we know, that Joseph Kony and the LRA exist and do these horrible things. This video might be manipulating, oversimplifying, etc., but it does not lie in such a way.
    I honestly do not doubt, that the u.s. government would be morally bankrupt enough to stir up more violence in Africa, for its own gain. But just because it is possible, doesn’t make it true.

    • Maryamus, Thanks for the comment. I agree with your view point and your correct when referencing wmds.What i would like is for people to question the motives behind government action, like I said Kony is indeed an evil man and needs to be brought to justice I would like people to question why him and why now.It is a sad fact that there is massive turmoil in this part of the world and many other mad men have been caught and have seen justice served on them with out the need to send in troops.I think any story that raises awareness of the issue is good and that people should be able to question the governments motives questioning the deployment of soldiers to police another country is good and in my view sending in humanitarian aid as they say is a little to close to occupation.

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