Bankers continue to pick European pockets.

As Europeans struggle each day with rising prices and high unemployment the bankers continue to profit.When will the fat cats stop receiving huge bonuses for successfully failing in making a profit.

It seems that the banking sector is the only industry where real world business ideas, principles and ethics do not apply.In the real world a non profitable business fails and existing businesses expand or a new business replaces it there in creating employment for people and encouraging growth .Now they have found ways to beat this model.

One thing is for sure unless something changes life for the average man, woman and child on the street will continue to become more difficult while those in the higher echelon of society will continue to profit, something needs to change ………any ideas?


great post by a fellow blogger updating and giving a time line for the crisis in Greece.

Greece: Cradle of Civilization No More.

Greek workers fight austerity

Greek crisis spurs epidemic of suicides, mental illness

The Bottom Line: European Debt Crisis Escalates

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