The Beast: Tracking You and Your Family Just Got a Whole Lot Easier


we will be marked.
The last time people wore numbers they used ink and it didn’t work out well for all of them, let us learn from history and ask why would they want to do this ?
cattle are numbered we are not cattle!!


Microchipping school kids in America

Originally posted on Evil of indifference:

“It’s been hailed as the ultimate in personal identification and human tracking technology, and now it’s going mainstream. The VeriMed system, formerly known as the Verichip, is a passive RFID microchip measuring about the size of a grain of rice and is implantable under your skin, making it possible for health care providers and other parties to instantly access your medical history and other personally identifying information.”

Via SHTF Plan

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8 thoughts on “The Beast: Tracking You and Your Family Just Got a Whole Lot Easier

  1. As for this, well, they can kiss my rebel English arse. There is no way this will happen to me or mine.

    • Jose, I would suggest this is a socially dominant theme. A small one, but a direct attack on the mind of any free thinker and libertarian.
      These damned people are getting desperate, their autocratic ambitions furthered by even hinting at a “chipping programme”.
      They know the affect, look at the reactions above. They know they are losing, they are having to force their ambitions via these themes to increase fear.

      I am a tad old fashioned for some. My faith rules my actions, however, rest assured. Good wins in the end.

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